Novonordisk Elevate Conference

Big Bash Media
Freel Asia (Manpower)
Planning, Fabrication, FNB Management, Event Management, Logistics, AV
Q1 2019

Larger Than Life

Big Bash was engaged through our partner in Dubai for this unique conference setup. Based on our previous experiences with Gulf clients, we knew the expectation were high and our teams had to be in full form to meet the needs of a conference that has travelled overseas to dozens of countries before.

Fitting the Theme

The theme of the conference was Buckle Up and Elevate. This had to be reflected in the entire delegate experience.

From the time the guests arrived to the 5-Star Marriott Hotel lobby, their first step was into a custom made check in counter. They were given passports that had agendas for the various terminals to visit. Through the process of visiting the main hall and breakout rooms the guests navigated through replica airport signages and fun engagement booths.

"All our international clients have a different set of expectations. With gulf clients their setups are always the biggest. A local client will ask you how big is the stage so they know what size to build their backdrop. A gulf client will ask how big is the hall to see how big they can build theirs."
Ajay, Operations Director and Project Lead

A tight turnaround

Our biggest challenge faced in the event was a 4 hour setup time due to a major event happening the night before. A task that would be considered seemingly impossible for a build of this size. There were over 10,000 sq ft of backdrops and structures to install. The main stage screen alone was a curved 120ft structure which needed to be set perfectly with every panel of the 1000 over panels angled to the perfect degree or we may had to start over again.
We set out 14 separate teams that were each given a task to complete in the 4 hours. The ensuing chaos was the worry, with 100 of our crew that would enter a 16ft wide loading bay competing with 50 crew from the previous event dismantling and exiting at the same time.
A typical install and test of this scale would on average have taken 24 - 36 hours to complete but we knew that the dates and times were fixed so our operational planning was key in executing this setup flawlessly.
Once the event commenced in came our various event managers to run the main event and various breakout sessions. A mix of launch gimmicks, conferences, activities and games all designed to deliver the upcoming plans for a region wide staff.
After the dust settled a post mortem revealed the whole event and how we overcame its challenges. Our multiple crews, perfect planning and last minute decision making paid off as we met all rehearsal schedules and the various conferences that took place all went through smoothly. The theme and experiences were very well received by the guests with all round positive scores in all categories and we continue to serve our gulf partners to date.