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November 2020

The Evolution

Turning a major on ground event with a 20 year track record into a fully digital livestreamed event.

The Stakes

The on ground Minggu Saham was PNBs largest event to date attracting almost 4 million visitors over its 20 year period. It would be the first time that the event went digital and expectations were very high on engagement and viewership. Furthermore timing was short with a 45 day countdown in which we needed to conceptualize the event from the ground up, write and produce over 70 programs, run a full scale PR, Marketing and Social Media Campaign, develop various online assets including an 80 page website, run major contests to build hype and of course to get ready for the actual livestream event itself.

The sheer magnitude of the project got our teams highly geared up

“The key to successfully executing the MSD event would be the content. Creating content that resonated with Malaysians of all ages and all walks of life. We needed to ensure that we never lost sight of the identity of the program once we started working with the hundreds of various crews, partners and stakeholders.”
Ajay, Operations Director and Project Lead

Our Approach

Our teams went hard at work in conceptualizing and producing various original programmes for PNBs. We studied the content and packaged it in a manner where it was able to reach all Malaysians. We paired CEOs of Malaysia's largest organizations with children in "Cikgu CEO" so that they could explain complex topics in simpler manners.

We broke away from formal Panel settings with "Makan Dulu" where industry leaders debated hot topics in a coffee shop setting. GG Bro saw celebs discuss everyday financial topics whilst playing FIFA online.

The Control Room

The other challenge was the studio build itself. With us recording and streaming back to back shows for 7 days we purpose built a state of the art studio with a control room that was manned by 20 crew accompanied by another 40 individuals on the floor. Collecting video and sound from 30 different sources, the network of information was ingested and streamed out to minimize quality loss or any kind of disruption.

Back to Back Programming

With back to back live programming that would make your seasoned TV producer blush we planned and executed it to run with no gap or disruption. Our teams were split to various production units each responsible for their individual segments.

“The end results surpassed all KPIs. With positive sentiment with audiences across all demographics. The produced videos generated close to 5 million viewers and over 200,000 comments and shares. The public were highly engaged with numbers unseen on a financial conference. The various contests also ran extremely well receiving over 450,000 entries and the microsite received over a million page views in a one month time span."

"After the livestream itself all the channels remained highly active. With some videos generating 6 figure views within the first week of replay. Social media channels continue to grow thanks to the hours of content available for audiences to revisit."