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July 2018

French cognac house, Martell, brought a unique experience to Penang through their pop-up event, H.O.M.E. by Martell. Held at The Penang Rendezvous at Straits Quay the event encouraged participants to experience the Martell cognacs with a twist, in line with their theme “Be Curious”.


As this was our second installation for the Martell H.O.M.E pop up, the challenge was the setup at Straits Quay, which essentially was a marina. Pinpointing the most strategic position for the pop-up where guests will be able to easily access the pop up and there would be enough brand visibility was crucial to the success of the event.

“The global campaign of Martell encourages the discovery of new perspectives through an unsuspecting platform. Taking their motto, “Be Curious” to a new level, the brand’s idea of a campaign was to use the Martell H.O.M.E. (House of Martell Entertainment) to bring the public on a pop up experience like no other. ”
Priya, Marketing Director and Account Lead

Teasing the Public

An event KOLS (Key Opinion Leaders) were enlisted to create awareness about Martell H.O.M.E. Special invitation kits were created and delivered during the lead up to the event. The kits had the “be curious” element to it with a multi layered turnstile concept to it which made guests engage and explore it in videos that were posted up on social media.
Social Media and word of mouth were key avenues to promote the event. Mainstream advertising was not the best way to push the event as it went against the brand identity.

A collaboration with Grab, leading up to the event gave Grab Drivers the opportunity to be sent to selected bars within Penang for the experiences that can be enjoyed at H.O.M.E.

The Official Venue, Straits Quay was a premium destination amongst local Penangites which gave further credibility toward the Martell H.O.M.E pop-up.

Giving guests a more immersive experience at the event, nightly dinners were also hosted with a unique gourmet five course dinner prepared by Nathalie Gourmet Kitchen. The courses in the meal paired exquisitely with the various options of Martell cognac.
The 4-day event successfully contributed to the Martell H.O.M.E. campaign with a reach of 139,364 and 164,359 impressions. Various collaborations were made with luxury brands and car clubs including the Ferrari and Porsche clubs of Malaysia.