The Macallan Edition No 4 Launch

Edrington Malaysia
Big Bash Media
Freel Asia (Manpower)
Ideation, Brand Strategy, Creative & Design, Venue Sourcing, VIP Mangement Fabrication, Event Management
November 2018

A Matter of Prestige

Possibly one of the most celebrated whisky brands, The Macallan epitomizes class and elegance. We were all more than excited working with Harvey Specter's drink of choice.

Our Audience

The event was the launch of the new special edition bottle. Every year the editions celebrate a unique aspect of The Macallan, and this year just happened to be the launch of a state of the art distillery.

The Distillery

The distillery was famously built within the hills of Scotland and camouflaged into nature almost unnoticeable from a birds eye view. Inside the distillery was a complete contrast of the exterior, with state of the art machinery and an interior mix of oak, glass and copper. It was unlike any other distillery seen before and was the heart of the Edition No 4 bottle.

"It was our first time working with The Macallan and the brief and shots of the distillery left us all in awe. Our event had to give the guests the same feeling and we decided on creating something that similarly mixed beatiful landscapes with engaging technology."
Ajay, Operation Director and Project Lead

How We Dit It

The first step had to be the perfect location. We opted for a new venue called the Oak Hall. Famously made from a mix of oak, glass and concrete it had remarkable similarities to the interior of The Macallan Distillery.

We supplemented the decor by creating large art gallery frames embedded with photos and stories of the building of the distillery. Additionally the green element was brought out by our landscape team that added live greenery on our stage and photobooth structure.

To bring in the technological element, we created custom touch applications that became an interactive surface for guests to explore the distillery and learn about the flavours of Edition No 4. Our photowall was a fun multicmaera system allowing 180 photo looper animations.

Finally to take advantage of the loads of 360 content of the distillery in their archives, we created a 20ft curved LED Sceen hooked to a motion capture camera. This meant that the speaker whilst presenting the landscapes of Scotland could orbit the view by gesturing his hand. A feature which guests could play with after the main launch.

The event was a hit, with guests filling the room wall to wall. The ambience and energy was so exciting that the guests continued to party on hours after the scheduled end time. In just a matter of a few days after the event the entire stock of Edition No 4 in Malaysia had sold out and became a sought after collectible in the time to come.