Jameson Block Party

Jameson Irish Whiskey
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March and April, 2019

The Perfect Followup

With the event following of Jameson Live already being well known to consumers and the general public, the challenge came in creating new and exciting experiences for consumers who attended the event.

With that, we suggested to continue to the pre-parties under the flag of “Jameson Live” and to re-brand the main event into “Jameson Block Party”. The main event was more rugged and the location was changed to an abandoned warehouse.

Our Take

Having never hosted a major event previously, Jameson needed to ensure they made a name for themselves with a big bang to disrupt the norm of the common alcohol activation campaigns.

The idea was to bring back the concept of a large scale party with a full day of local bands and live entertainment running throughout the whole event.

The campaign titled “Jameson LIVE” kicked off!

“As expectations were already set, we had to challenge ourselves to come up with new and creative ways to engage with the market”
Ajay, Operations Director and Project Lead

Going Bigger

With Jameson 2019, we pushed heavily across not only Jameson’s social media platforms, but the partners and artists that were collaborating for all the events.
We executed bar level pre-parties under the banner of Jameson Live across Klang Valley leading up to the event for a month.

For the main event at Sentul Depot, the block party hosted 26 artists across 3 different stages, a secret hidden discovery bar, a 4-way main bar with 4 additional supporting bars, a line up of FNB providers that saw 2500 people throughout the evening.

We weren’t done after the main event was over, within 2 weeks, we executed mid-scale concerts in the northern and southern region.
The overall campaign garnered a reach of 3.9 million. In total attendance at the event were 2,500 people, with the impressions of the campaign reaching up to 187,000.