Digi Virtual Teambuilding

Concept and Content
Video Production and Live Streaming,
Digital Development
August 2020

Virtual Team Building

Having worked with Digi's enthusiastic team we were excited to conceptualize a fully virtual teambuilding event for over 2000 of their staff.

Our Take

At this point most of the teams were working from home and it was close to impossible to get the teams together physically. Hence we broke the 2000+ staff to teams of 4 and built a series of virtual team challenges.

The idea was to break down the mental barrier caused by social distancing and bring togetherness amongst the staff. Our line up of activities were all designed and executable online with just the use of a mobile phone to connect teams together and show them that they could always remain connected and work effectively as a team.

“Our biggest challenge was to create team unity when the members were all separate. We had to design every activity to create an experience which could bond team members despite their physical separation. We achieved this via various digital platforms that were built to execute this 2000+ strong digital event. We also livestreamed opening and closing addresses and gambits for all to enjoy.”
Ajay, Operations Director and Project Lead

Mind, Body and Soul

Activities designed included Mind Challenges, Video Challenges, Physical Activities and Global Treasure Hunts that let you explore the world without ever stepping out of you homes..

Mind Challenge was a series of tricky challenges hosted on an interactive platform. Teams could log on to the platform and navigate through video challenges, mind quizzes, puzzles, riddles and more as a team with their scores and progress being auto tabulated on our platforms.

Our participants all becameVirtual Tourists by harnessing the Google Earth platform as we integrated it with fun riddles that had you excercising your mind and fingers to correctly find hidden destinations in this Global Treasure Hunt.

Creativity was unleashed as Digizens completed the "Pass the What" challenge which saw them creating some awesomely creative videos as they scrambled to find household objects that could unify teams across suburbs and cities.

“The first ever Digi Virtual Teambuilding exercise was a hit with staff and participants recording positive reviews and creating unity at a time when it is easy to feel isolated in your work environment."