Digi Music Night

Big Bash Media
Freel Asia (Manpower)
Ideation, Creative & Design, Fabrication, Venue Sourcing, FNB Management, Event Management, Bar Management
26 July 2019

The Beat Goes On

After the success of the previous years dinner, Big Bash had won the pitch again with the proposed concept of a variety Music Festival.

The Party had to Rock

The night was meant to be a celebration of another major Digi Campaign organized by us which was a 1200 pax Customer Obsessed Day where all Digizens hit the streets to engage with their customers.

So the dinner had to be a night for Digizens to cut loose and celebrate their efforts.

"From our experience from the year befor we knew the Digi Team was a very lively bunch and we had to keep the energy rolling from the Customer Obsessed Day activities, so we opted for a theme that was versatile and good to party with."
Ajay, Operations Director and Project Lead

Next Level Engagement

There was never a dull moment from electric band sets, a karaoke x wefie booth, guitar hero, larger than life e-dance games, surprise celeb acts and of course our favourite giant boombox stage. Guests were entertained hours on end.
With 2018 being a big hit, expectations were set for 2019, which Big Bash manage to hit out of the ballpark. The larger than life LED boombox stage, celeb acts, and more set a new benchmark for future Digi dinners and was the talk of the office for months to come.