Axiata Let's Go Mad Staff Retreat

Big Bash Media
Freel Asia (Manpower)
Ideation, Brand Strategy, Creative & Design, Venue Sourcing, VIP Mangement Fabrication, Event Management
March 2018

Let's Go Mad

MAD stood for Modern, Agile and Digital. Just what Axiata was looking for in their next company retreat / conference.

Being at the top of the telco industry the staff were use to the best of experiences. The standard was set high and the trip was meant to run like perfect clockwork. From the arrangement of logistics, to the resort experience and the various conferences, team building excercises, leisure activities and overall management of the entire retreat expectations were unsurpassable.

Our Work

Big Bash was brought in to manage the retreat 360, from event management, logistics, planning, design, pre-teaser videos, site recces, liasons with third parties, digital integration and manpower.

"We were very excited for this project. It was a myriad of events put together. We had conferences, business meetings, teambuilding with dozens of vans that ran across the entire langkawi, breakup of groups for leisure tours, an annual dinner and a townhall. Furthermore the whole experience had to be made digital. The focus on the minor details were just as important as the major aspects for a smooth flowing retreat."
Sheetal, Event Director and Project Lead

How We Dit It

We firstly broke our teams up to various sub-teams, handling the various aspects of the retreat. The teams all had to ensure that they worked in unison and the guest experience flowed seamlessly from event to event.

As with any retreat there were challenges in moving 200 over pax by flights. Flight delays being the most challenging, we had our crew on standby at all airport checkpoints to ensure everyone moved through smoothly and noone missed any of the scheduled meetings.

The staff stayed in two prestigous hotels in Langkawi, The Westin and St Regis. Our teams ensure transfers and guest management between both hotels were precise to ensure that the tight schedule of all the paritcipants were kept in place.

Another binding factor came in the form of a customised app made specifically for the retreat. In it were individual schedules for each participant, agendas, maps, announcements and a check in system for a city wide treasure hunt.

The overall result was remarkably positive with our team being called back to organize a followup retreat in 2020. A well planned and executed event ensure that no obstacle could hinder the guest experience.